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What looks better than a façade in powder coated aluminium? Powder coating comes in many degrees of gloss, in metallic and textured variants, and our suppliers are continuously developing new and exciting variations. Surface treatment in the form of powder coating gives a decorative and corrosion-resistant surface.

Using powder coating gives a technically good surface and a great look. Through our subsidiary, Profil-Lakkering AS, we can supply powder coated profiles from modern and eco-friendly production lines.  

The processes used by Profil-Lakkering are approved according to the requirements of the German GSB standard. This is a standard developed to set out the technical and visual requirements for aluminium, used primarily in construction. Profil-Lakkering is one of few holders of GSB certification in Norway.

The profiles are pre-treated in an eco-friendly multistage dipping process. The water from the process runs in a closed circuit to be cleaned via a vacuum condenser before being returned to the line. This saves water, in line with our overall sustainability policy.

Powder coating is highly eco-friendly in itself, applied to the profiles by an electrostatic process, in which any surplus is recycled. The paint layer is hardened immediately after being powder coated to fulfil the requirements set out in the GSB standards,and ensuring that the colour and gloss finish retain their appearance for many years.

Please find more information about colours, quality and GSB in the archive below.