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Lighter, safer and eco-friendly vehicles.

Reduction of emissions is vital to the automotive industry. Extruded aluminium profiles contribute to lighter cars with lower fuel consumption, whitch reduces the emissions.

The future is electric!  Aluminium profiles are optimal for use in the multifunctional battery trays in electric cars, both as shock-absorber and structural part of the space frame.

By choosing aluminium profiles, functionality can easily be built in during production of material, which can reduce the need for subtractive machining and subsequent joining.

Aluminium is a light and strong material. With its excellent properties for energy absorption, it is well suited for use in safety components as crashboxes and bumpers for cars.

Aluminium profiles are 100% recyclable.

Hydal Aluminium Profiler has been serving the automotive business for decades, and has produced more than 1000 unique profile sections for trucks, trailers and cars. We are ready to take the next steps in automotive development together with our customers as a Tier-1 or Tier-2 supplier.

Hydal Aluminium Profiler is certified in accordance with IATF-16949 for supplying the automotive industry.

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