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Hydal Aluminium Profiler

We have been supplying component and system solutions based on extruded, surface treated and processed aluminium profiles to industries throughout the Nordics and Europe for over 50 years. Hydal Aluminium Profiler AS and our subsidiary Profil-Lakkering AS are located in  the Raufoss industrial park , at Raufoss, Norway.

Opening hours:

Sales and Administration: 07.30-15.30 Mon-Fri

Switchboard: + 47 611 53 000

Forwarding/Transport: 07.00-14.30 Mon-Fri

Erik Aas Karlsen: +47 482 26 519

Kjell Arne Stabell: +47 959 02 135


Key facts

  • Registered name of company; Hydal Aluminium Profiler AS
  • Founded: 1964
  • Areas of business: Extruded aluminium extrusions, processing and surface treatment.
  • Located in one of Norway’s biggest industrial parks: Raufoss Industripark.
  • 3 extrusion presses: 1200(6") /2200 (8") / 7000 (12") tonnes.
  • Anodising line.
  • Powder coating by our subsidiary, Profil-Lakkering AS, located next door.
  • CEO: Terje Sagbakken


Our history

  • 1896: Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker founded by the Norwegian government as a supplier to the armed forces.
  • 1964: New company spun off and founded in the industrial park, to serve the civilian market. The first extrusion press (6") for aluminium is commissioned in January 1964 at Raufoss. Components for the automotive and construction industries become key products.
  • 1978: New 8" press installed.
  • 1988: Hydro AS buys the extrusion lines and anodising factory.
  • 1997: New 12" press installed, the biggest in Northern Europe at this point, specially designed for automotive products and hard alloys.
  • 2013: The factories at Raufoss and Vetlanda were sold as consequence of the Joint Venture between SAPA and Hydro, and Hydal Aluminium Profiler AS is founded.
  • 2018: Hydal Aluminium Profiler AS acquires neighbouring company Profil-Lakkering AS. Profil-Lakkering is run as a stand alone entity, though the two companies have joint management.

Skills network

Hydal Aluminium Profiler is a member of NCE Raufoss, the national skills centre for lightweight materials and automated production. NCE stands for Norwegian Centre of Expertise, and is a major national investment to develop the most dynamic and internationally oriented business clusters in Norway. NCE Raufoss is a consortium of 19 companies, and includes the TotAl group network.

Hydal Aluminium Profiler is also a member of the TotAl group. A regional network consisting of 45 industrial companies, which together account for over 3000 employees and a total turnover of 6.3bill. NOK.